moondog graphics will create a custom website that is designed to fit your needs. Sites may include text, hyperlinks, photos, graphics, guestbooks, hit counters and more. We also offer set up of a PayPal shopping cart, domain name registration and website hosting. Some companies make you pay a set rate for a certain number of pages, links, and pictures. They usually use some form of template and just fill it with your information. So your site then looks like any number of other sites on the web. With moondog graphics we do not limit the amount of text, graphics, photos or links on your site. However, the one thing you should remember is that your site is your site. We will design your website from scratch. Yours will NOT be a copy of someone else's website. In the same respect no one else will have a website that looks like yours.

     Please take a look around our site and see if we are the company for you. If you have questions, please, by all means ask them.